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Dreams Career Guidance provides professional guidance services to students aiming for higher studies. DCG, we firmly believe that future education requires proper planning to ensure students to choose proper academic pathway. Keeping this in mind, we support and assist students, by giving them comprehensive information about academic opportunities in India and abroad. We are dedicated to provide professional services to students, parents and our institutional clients at any time.

You can choose the best course on higher education as per your requirement. We support the aspirants to meet the best career options for undergraduate & postgraduate programs.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

All of us are bound to get stuck at some point in our life. It is at such self-introspecting times we become more aware of ourselves. We discover what is suit for us and what doesn’t and take actions accordingly. So, when it comes for us in deciding our future, should we go with our instinct or follow a common trend? As economies have opened up, technologies advanced, people are shedding their inhibitions, more and more careers are making it to ‘The list’. Not everybody is aware about what career options they have. Career counselors hold your hand and take you to the world of possibilities, they will help you, make you understand your strength and weaknesses, then suggest the possible career options for you. Sounds easy right? Well, it is now, with ventures like Dream Career offering full-stack career counseling solutions, choosing the right career has become a possibility now. Its counselors are among the best career counselors in India who provide unbiased career guidance services. Career counseling sure is the most convenient way to picking up the right career for you. Earlier marks used to define which stream you would get, but now it’s not the case anymore. Hence opting for career counseling may be the life changing factor for you .

We are happy to share that Dreams Career Guidance is currently working with over 4.2 lakhs students at 480 schools. Our career counseling services in Kerala are recognized. Dreams Career Guidance has a team of talented and qualified professionals who share the same school of thought- providing exceptional career counseling services for the aspirants in Kerala. Our experts use psychometric assessments to evaluate students’ potential. As a career guidance and counseling platform, we understand the importance of a good career counselor. So, when our experienced and qualified career counselors get in touch with you, they will answer all your queries, clear all your doubts and offer you maximum support to pursue a career that is right for you. .

Career is an important part of an individual’s life. It’s very important to identify the right career at an early stage of life. When you choose a career path after 12th, you should make sure it matches your interests and capabilities. Thus, understanding yourself becomes important. It is always advocated to take the help of a career counselor while making a career option decision. Here at Hike wise, our professionally trained career experts can help you make that decision.

What after twelfth? What course will chose after twelfth? What to do after twelfth? These are only a couple of the inquiries which you probably pondered when you crossed your achievement in the 10th examination. Well! You are in good company. These are the key inquiries that pretty much every understudy in each nation inquires. Some of you may have effectively thought a considerable amount about it and are as of now on a way to understand your fantasy courses after twelfth or best courses after twelfth. In any case, for some, there could in any case be a great deal of disarray. Furthermore, regardless of whether you have an arrangement, there could be a few concerns and as it should be.

For instance, do you realize that 80% of graduating engineers in India are not employed? Implying that they may not find a new line of work in the wake of finishing their BE/BTech. As indicated by the Yearly Employability Overview 2019report by Yearning Brains, 80% of Indian specialists are not good for any work in the information economy – generally in the data innovation sector. Think about it. Do you know there are just around 79,000 MBBS seats in 535 clinical schools in India? What number of understudies showed up for NEET UG in 2019? Indeed,14,10,755. That is 1.4 million understudies! So what number of seats is therefore an understudy? Just approx. 5.6 seats per 100 understudies. Along these lines, understanding yourself gets significant. It is constantly upheld to take the assistance of a lifelong guide while settling on a lifelong choice. Here at Climb insightful, our expertly prepared profession specialists can help you settle on that choice...

Instruction today introduces itself in a wide assortment of contributions. You no more need to follow each one of the standards that have been followed since time starting. Fundamental ability India will control you through Post Alumni directing going from selection tests to show up (like CET, Feline, CMAT, MAT,SNAP, ATMA, NEET, AIIMS, GRE, GMAT and so on), ways to deal with plan, objective and target setting and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The equivalent goes for different specific recognitions and short course that you can use to add to your range of abilities. Our guiding does not restricted to simply clinical, designing or the executives. We will consider every one of your inclinations, abilities, qualification and energy and work with you on formulating an arrangement for a profession in the field that you desired the most.

This is the question on everyone mind. What next? Many simply just enroll in for a bachelors degree in commerce and then realize that they now have to do a masters degree to get into the career of their choice. Some just resign to the fact that they will have to get into a career they don’t like.

Situations are different today. You can go in for a commerce related course that will directly get you into a career you like right after graduation. All you need to know is know what subject and career you are interested in. The following are the best graduation courses for commerce students. Read and understand them well so.

Course List : Bachelor Of Management Studies, Bachelor Of Commerce In Accounting & Finance, Bachelor Of Commerce In Banking & Insurance, Bachelor Of Commerce In Financial Markets, Bachelor Of Economics. Bachelor Of Business Administration, Bachelor Of Business Studies, Bachelor Of Computer Application ,Chartered Accountancy, Bachelor Of Laws (Llb).

Dreams career Guidance professional, such as a career counselor, may use self-assessment instruments to help you learn about your interests, values, skills, and personality type. After coming up with a list of occupations that seem suitable for you based on the results, he or she can show you how to explore them and then weed out the ones that are not as good a fit as others. Then, we can help you create a career action plan that will allow you to pursue the occupation you chose.